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The President is directly responsible for communicating with and supervising the chapter officers and directors to ensure that all assignments are completed according to the strategic plan, the chapter is financially sound, and membership is advised of all progress. 


The President-elect shall preside at all meetings in the absence of the President, work with officers to ensure chapter minimum standards are met, develop leadership succession planning strategies for the chapter and shall perform such other duties that may be delegated by the President and/or the Chapter Board of Directors.

Immediate Past President

The Immediate Past President serves as a voting member of Board of Directors and Executive Committee and chairs the Nominating Committee, ensuring compliance with bylaws and policy, providing an open nominations & elections process, and ensuring compliance with MPI elections calendar requirements. 

Vice President of Education and Special Programs

In the absence of both the President and President-elect, the Vice President of Education shall preside at the meetings. The VP of Education will be responsible for the monthly educational programs, speaker and vendor/venue sourcing, and the content and logistics of these programs. He or she will also be responsible for the overall educational direction of the Chapter programs, ensuring timely information and industry best practices are presented. The VP of Education will also ensure that CEU credits are incorporated into the year’s educational programming. They will also oversee other educational programs and special events offered by the chapter.

Vice President of Membership

In the absence of the President, President-elect and Vice President of Education, the Vice President of Membership shall preside at the meetings. The Vice President of Membership shall be responsible for Membership Recruitment, Member Orientation in both September and January, and the annual Membership Recruitment Contest. In addition, with the assistance of the Director of Member Care, he/she will also be responsible for Member Retention, Hospitality, Recognition Programs and Scholarships. 

Vice President of Communication

The Vice President of Communication shall be responsible for overseeing the maintenance and upkeep of the Chapter Website, Media, Press, Advocacy and printed Marketing for the Chapter. In addition, will oversee the creation of the quarterly Chapter eNewsletter and the regular updating of the online Chapter Membership Directory.

Vice President of Finance

The Vice President of Finance is responsible for overseeing and working with the Chapter Administrator on matters regarding proper and legal notices to members, maintaining pertinent, permanent records and any other records deemed appropriate. The Vice President of Finance has responsibility for financial planning and control. The Vice President of Finance shall present an initial, mid-year, and end-of-year financial report to the membership at the appropriate monthly meeting. The Vice President of Finance shall also be responsible for and work with the chapter sponsorship contractor on all revenue generating events and activities for the Chapter with the exception of the monthly programs. 

Director of Sponsorship

The Director of Sponsorship is responsible for building a strong base of sponsorship support for MPI-Pittsburgh programs and activities. Provides committees with a toolkit to use based upon standards of recognition set for all MPI-Pittsburgh sponsorships. Support the committees to ensure the standards of recognition are implemented at all chapter events and manage the relationship with the chapter's contracted sponsors. This person reports directly to the VP of Finance.

Director of Member Care

The Director of Member Care works directly with the Vice President of Membership and assists in maintaining and working with the Chapter Administrator in keeping complete and accurate records of the Chapter's membership and to reconcile reports monthly through MPI. The Director of Member Care will also assist the VP of Membership and work with the Chapter Administrator to establish a retention goal for the year, based on the strategic plan and develop and maintain an active and ongoing campaign to retain members; encourage member involvement in committees; perform an annual chapter needs assessment survey; provide hospitality at chapter functions by welcoming attendees and making them feel welcome; work with committees to expand volunteer long-term involvement with chapter; and submit articles to the eNewsletter and website in support of member care activities. 

Director of Monthly Programs

The Director of Monthly Programs assists the Vice President of Education in the planning and implementation of a specified number of educational events, including monthly educational programs and webinars. In conjunction with the VP of Education, develop educational content and event format based on educational survey results and industry trends. Communicate all program information with Chapter Administrator and VP of Communications to ensure events are marketed in a timely fashion. Assist VP of Education in coordinating final venue logistics and speaker needs for monthly educational programs. This position will work closely with the VP of Education and Director of Special Events & Networking to ensure efficient processes and communication are facilitated between Education and Networking/Special Events committees.

Director of Leadership Development

The Director of Leadership Development develops a University Initiative Program, provides information to local University students about our Chapter, distributes information and implements appropriate chapter programs/events and ensures promotion of Initiative efforts. 

Director of Special Events and Networking

The Director of Special Events & Networking develops strategies to establish special events, specifically the Chapter’s yearly fundraising event/s and multiple networking events, as well as the networking opportunities offered at monthly educational programs. He or she also monitors association and meetings industry trends to discover best practices in special events and fundraising, ensures promotion of special event efforts with the Chapter Administrator and VP of Communications, and works with appropriate committee to develop and manage special events & networking programs. This position has a key role in events-based fundraising efforts that benefit the local Chapter. This position will work closely with the VP of Education and Director of Monthly Programs to ensure efficient processes and communication are facilitated between the Networking/Special Events and Education committees.